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Horsley Towers Wedding Photography

Emma & Paul's Horsley Towers wedding in Surrey

A sparkling day to remember in the middle of November! Emma & Paul are such a wonderful couple and the wedding was reflective of the close and easygoing relationship they have.

Horsley Towers is an amazing venue in Surrey, just dripping with incredible history. It is an eccentric Gothic building with dramatic cylindrical towers, magical turrets and battlements, and an impressive enclosed cloister area that leads to the beautifully ornate chapel. All these provide a great backdrop for informal reportage as well as traditional wedding photography.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and an honour to have been asked to document it. We hope you enjoy a selection of our favourite images from Emma & Paul's Horsley Towers wedding!

image 1

We see lots of different places. You know this is a part of being a wedding photographer - you meet new people and discover places you have never been before. Some of the wedding venues are exactly what you imagine about them but sometimes you can be caught by surprise and the venue is something out of this world, so different, so unique that you know for sure - you will remember it forever. Horsley Towers is one of such unique and 'you'll never forget' venues. Situated just outside A3 and M25 this is a hidden gem of architecture and landscape design. Those towers and lavishly decorated walls look like they came from the pages of the most amazing fairy tales book. Having a wedding in a place like that is something different and something very special!

image 2

We are always looking for interesting details. While some of such details and aspects are not directly related to the wedding as such pictures allow us to describe the place we were taking pictures or to capture the atmosphere, the mood of the day. Who said those pictures should be dry and formal?

image 3

Horsley Towers looks stunning inside out. As wedding photographers, we love to see bright, spacious locations - it gives us additional flexibility to use what natural light offers on the wedding day.

image 4

Days and months of preparation are in the past - today is the day! This is the very start of the wedding day for us: while Anna is joining the bridal party getting ready, Dmitry is taking the venue pictures and scouting around the nice looking places we could use later today. Everything is so exciting! You can feel that waiting for something amazing is about to happen very soon.

image 5

While wasting no time at all, the girls are taking the final steps to look stunning today. All it takes it to be relaxed, smiling and happy. Some nicely done makeup and hairstyling would help too.

image 6

We love mirrors - they allow us to find a different perspective, different and unusual framing. Using a mirror we can take a picture unnoticed, while looking into completely different direction still taking the picture of a completely unexpected subject.

image 7

The time flies fast and only few minutes left. Some final touches and checks! Perfect!

image 8

As wedding photographers doing the bridal preparation we always try to capture not only the people involved but all the additional details. We do recognize how much time and effort Emma and Paul have put into choosing the right style, all of those details for their wedding. It would be so nice to have a look again at all of those beautiful bits and pieces.

image 9

It is important not forgetting anything important! As wedding photographers - we always have our checklist of 'must-have' items as well as custom requests from our happy couple. A lot of our couples are well-organized and have their check-lists too.

image 10

Beautiful presents are the best way to say 'thank you' to the people next to you. The friends and the family who give you all the support not on a wedding day alone but keeps you happy in your life.

image 11

Our second photographer, Dmitry is busy too. We have got to the venue earlier than any of the guests and there is only one opportunity to take the pictures of fully-decorated venue while they are still empty. There is something special in those pictures. Those beautiful rooms, decorated chairs and fresh flowers ready to see the first guests. These decorations are indicators of something amazing is set to happen very soon.

image 12

Finally! First guests are arriving. No one wants to be late on a wedding day! Some of the guests would be traveling a longer distance this morning and they took off earlier to make sure they wouldn't be late. Usually, those are the first to arrive - you can see their happy faces - the long road is in the past, there was no traffic or delays and it doesn't matter that they came much earlier than anyone else. Paul, of course, is here to. He greets and welcomes all of the guests, the wedding day is really starting!

image 13

Sometimes, we cannot stop ourselves to play with the light. Thanks to a November sun, barraging low above the horizon, we could capture this special moment. A massive lens flare dominates the photo and brings in some autumn mood into the picture.

image 14

The guests continue to arrive! What could be more English thing than having a cup of hot tea on a fresh and frosty day in November? Paul did a great job to welcome all of the guests! The air is full of expectation, only a few minutes more and everyone would be asked to take their seat in the main hall. This is what they came fore - to witness the marriage of Emma and Paul, have a great party and lots of fun!

image 15

Ah! Here comes the bride! Isn't she beautiful? Emma is led by her proud and happy father. This is the scene to remember. It is a busy time for us, the wedding photographers. We must be unnoticed, move fast and quietly to be at the right place to take the right picture. It is not an easy job, trust us!

image 16

Emma and girls are just behind closed doors and waiting to be called in. Look at those happy faces and great smiles - they are so enjoying themselves!

image 17

Here they come! The bridal party arrives! First, the beautiful bridesmaids get in leading the way for the bride.

image 18

This is a moment! Emma, the bride, is here, and the wait is over. She is so amazing today and all eyes on her!

image 19

Paul sees his bride for the first time today. This is the moment to remember forever - two beautiful young people loving each other are about to take the next important step in their lives!

image 20

It must be a very touching moment for the father of the bride. Also, it is an old and beautiful tradition to show the trust of the daughter's choice. It is a 'must-have' picture for a good wedding photographer, and it is a tricky one to do. Usually, we are limited in space to move around, and everything happens so fast!

image 21

We love to see when family and friends are doing something extra special to show their support. It could be a poem, a beautiful story, or just some warming words deep from the hearts.

image 22

When we see moments like this, we understand this is a big and strong family ready to support and help each other.

image 23

The best man is given a very important task - the rings must be kept safe and be presented at the right moment during the ceremony.

image 24

The wedding ring is a single most-recognizable object symbolizing the people in love with each other. Those rings are very special to every single couple - there are so many memories attached. They are like milestones from the moment of the proposal to the moment, when the happy couple is announced as 'husband and wife'.

image 25

We love positive people, and we are always trying to capture not only the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony but the reaction and emotion of the people that came this day to support our newlyweds.

image 26

What an amazing and important picture - the ring exchange. It is such a very old and beautiful tradition!

image 27

The first kiss! This is the moment everyone was waiting for! All of those days of preparations, getting ready for the wedding day, waiting, excitement - it is all there, in that very first kiss as a husband and wife. Needless to say - it lasts for the shortest moment but will stay in pictures forever. Congratulations to Emma and Paul!

image 28

Those true emotions - the first kiss is still echoing in the air! We are so happy to see those genuine and true emotions! We hope that the pictures like this one would bring smiles in happy faces in years of time.

image 29

There are always some formalities to be done.

image 30

It is a standard and formal shot. Still, this is a very important picture. This is an important milestone, the very start of a new family. From now on - it is official!

image 31

Finally, the guests are allowed to take the pictures - they rush forward to take snaps of the newlyweds. This is our time and opportunity to make those pictures from aside - when people are so busy with changing the camera settings they do not notice anything else around!

image 32

The wedding certificate is provided, and this is the time to meet and greet a new family of Emma and Paul.

image 33

The guests are cheering up and applauding to the new family - this is what they are here for; to provide the support for the people that are so important to them.

image 34

We were blessed with the weather on that November day! We cannot say it was nice and warm - it was not. Apparently, the weather was rather cold, the air was crisp and clear. Somehow, it matched just perfectly the spirit of the wedding - everything looked fresh, beautiful and shiny.

image 35

Wedding confetti time! Without a doubt - this is one of our most favourite activity of the wedding day! It is always loud, it is fun, it is a lot of action!

image 36

Capturing the right moment in that storm of confetti is both luck and skill. We are so happy with that picture - it won us an international photography competition award! Woo-hoo!

image 37

We really like the group pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids. Just look at this beautiful picture full of young, happy and amazing girls!

image 38

Have a look at those stunning wedding flowers. So much effor and time was put into choosing the right combination - and it did work really well!

image 39

Wedding gang. Money shot.

image 40

Now it is our time to steal the happy couple away from their dear guests. Well, steal is a bold choice of words, but we really want to make some beautiful pictures of just two of them, and it would require no distraction. Also, it is a great moment for them to have a break from this hurricane of events and emotions that just happened.

image 41

Oh my! Sometimes, we are so surprised ourselves with the result. It is not like we are getting amazing photos by chance, there are a lot of things to make right - location, framing, posing, lights - all must be in a perfect state, but this picture is so stunning and continues to amaze us over and over.

image 42

We love to experiment with black and white photography. It brings a completely new dimension and viewpoint to the pictures we take.

image 43

Horsley Towers features a unique feature - some parts of that venue done in a distinctive ornament of multi-coloured bricks. Those cloisters are something out of this world!

image 44

There is a hidden gem in Horsley Towers - the chapel. It is done in that fine ornament of exquisite brickwork and decorated with stained glass. This is such a special place to be.

image 45

There is no pressure during our portrait sessions. Everything is so relaxed and easy-going. It would be true to say, this part of the wedding day is a chance for our happy couple to have a break and enjoy each other on that very special day.

image 46

Oh... running through long corridors with telephoto lenses, hiding the second photographer behind the curve of the corridor with massive remote-controlled diffuser with flashes - it is tricky to do the shots like this. But the result - is worth it. This is what a breathtaking picture must look like.

image 47

The daylight is running fast in November and there are so many nice places around Horsley Towers. Despite the chilly weather, we rushed outside to capture those glorious sunny shots.

image 48

The guests are enjoying their welcome drinks and have a chance to discuss what they have seen during the ceremony. This is perfectly synchronized with our portrait pictures' time as everyone has something to do!

image 49

We always recognize all the time and effort put into choosing the right style of all those small bits and pieces, all the resources spent on decorating the venue. Of course, we are trying to memorize those beautiful little things in pictures!

image 50

Finally! Let the party get started!

image 51

This is the time to welcome Emma and Paul as the new family.

image 52

There are different types of wedding speeches. Some of them are full of jokes and just so hilarious to listen to, the others are full of passion, the third ones are sharing some parent's wisdom or sending important messages. Whatever the style of the speech - the main thing is that this message is coming from the heart.

image 53


image 54

Speech reactions and emitions! We saw it all - the tears, the laughter, the surprise! We just love to see people so open and being so honest with their emotions!

image 55

It is the storm of emotions for the guests too!

image 56

There is something special about black and white pictures. We do convert some of them into black and white ourselves if we see that it helps to isolate the object or to emphasize the attention.

image 57

The wedding had a very interesting theme - sparkles. Everything of shining and glittering! So many props and glitter around! The guests loved it!

image 58

Oh! Cute! Look! This is Emma and Paul! The cake is in danger! :)

image 59

It is a very special moment. The first dance, this pause before the very first note of the beautiful music is about to be played. All the eyes are on Emma and Paul.

image 60

The first dance is a massive success, they are beautiful and elegant, flawless moves - the guests are so impressed!

image 61

The entire world belongs only to the happy couple during the first dance.

image 62

It is time for the guests to join the dancefloor and show their best moves!

image 63

Meanwhile, one of our photographers was sent on a mission to scout the area for great night time shots.

image 64

Those are our signature shots. We just LOVE those dusk time pictures. They look so different, so special.

image 65

Glitter? More glitter, please! We decided to help with the sparkling theme of the wedding and swapped the hearts of flowers for the sparkles! It worked really well!

image 66

Just another fairy-tale photo! Horsley Towers is an amazing wedding venue and we are so happy to make pictures for Emma and Paul during their wedding day. Congratulations and best wishes!

image 67

Finally, we have a quick question for you: can you spot the happy couple in that picture? It shouldn't be too difficult! Just before leaving we have decided to make the last amazing picture. We had to go over the top, and it put the capabilities of our equipment to the limit. We had to transmit the flash signals across the large lake. It was dark, hard to focus, but we did it right and the resulting picture is just pure magic!

If you are planning your Horsley Towers Wedding or you're looking for the perfect wedding photographer to capture your big day, please do get in touch - we would love to hear about your plans and how we can capture your story!

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